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Seiko Watches

Seiko have been manufacturing timeless timepieces for well over a century. The Seiko Watches brand is now synonymous with industry leading technological innovation, style and remarkable build quality.

Indeed, Seiko manufactured the first wrist watches to be mass produced for both ladies and gents in Japan.

The company eye for refinement has been honed and developed for many years. The product of such tireless engineering is an astounding range of truly unique watches that exist today.

The prominent Seiko platform is without question their Kinetic range. This was introduced to the world at the Basel Fair in 1986. The Seiko Kinetic movement showed the world that it was possible to power your wrist watch turning your kinetic movement into electrical energy.

This technical genius was the perfect combination of user convenience, environmental friendliness and high performance.

Seiko put the Kinetic platform into mass production in 1988. Since then they have sold millions of these watches worldwide.

Further progression of the kinetic range saw the development of Auto Relay in 1998. This extended the resting period of the watch to an amazing four years!

This was closely followed in 1999 by the launch of what was dubbed the Ultimate Kinetic Chronograph. This watch was to rest at the pinnacle of mechanical and electronic engineering.

Baselworld 2005 saw the introduction of the Kinetic Perpetual. This advancement heralded a new era in convenience with a calendar that was correct to the year 2100.

If we fast forward to today we have Seiko emotional technology with the evolution of the Seiko Kinetic direct drive. This brought about the capacity to power your watch by winding the crown in conjunction with energy created by your body movement. In essence emotional technology is said to create an interaction between the wearer and their watch.

Today Seiko Watches have proudly gifted us with a plethora of unique watch collections to suit all tastes, requirements and gender. These include the Arctura, Seiko Premier, Seiko Coutura, Seiko Sportura, Seiko Military and Seiko Velatura.

The Arctura is the flagship collection for Seiko. Its design ethos is inspired by the arc of nature such as rainbows or the curvature of the earth. The Seiko Arctura radiates a strong and aerodynamic presence with great beauty and shape.

The Seiko Premier range is very much the focus of classic styling and expression. These models have clearly established themselves as leading Seiko dress watch. The premier design is said to be inspired by the beauty of neo-classical architecture.

The Velatura offers a high class collection of marine based watches. It is comprised of the Diver Chronograph, Yachting Timer, Kinetic Direct Drive and Kinetic GMT.

The Kinetic Direct Drive and Yachting Timer personify a new class of watches for professional and recreational sailors.

The Seiko Coutura is a mid priced elite collection. It is comprised of three hand calendar watches, kinetic, chronograph and ladies. This range is a great composition of versatility and style.

The Seiko Military is designed with the outdoor adventurist in mind. It is robust and lightweight with great styling. Currently it is available in army green and black colours.

Seiko Sale Continues

Our exciting recession beating Seiko winter sale is still under way. We have some amazing discount in place with offers on the very best Seiko models around today.

This massive sale is a great opportunity to get you the very best Seiko at a bargain price!

Selected sale collections include the Arctura, Premier, Coutura, Sportura, Velatura and Military.

The Arctura model SNAC17P1 is one to watch with its sleek stylish design and a rich feature set that includes both a chronograph and an alarm.

While the Velatura model SNDZ38P1 is one to watch for the ladies with perfect precision timing and fifty three diamonds encrusted within the case.

The Premier SNQ107P1 model is also one that should not be missed with its perpetual calendar coupled with an appreciation for classic styling.

The Sportura SPC047P1 is also a hugely impressive watch with almost endless features that include a sports chronograph and perpetual calendar wrapped up in a stunning sporty design.

The Coutura also deserves its place here with model SNAC34P1 offering the best of aesthetics and features in a stunning and refined package.

We are a SEIKO authorised dealer and assure you safe and pleasant shopping here at our website as if you were at our retail premises that you can visit.

Nigel O'Hara
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