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We won't be beaten on price!

We are confident that our prices are among the cheapest you will find within the UK. However, if you find a product listed cheaper on another website, we will BEAT IT with our Best Price Promise. Simply submit the price you have seen it for and we’ll send you a discount code by email which will allow you to purchase the item cheaper on our website.

The Best Price Promise couldn't be easier! Here are some facts:

  • We only match IN STOCK items
  • We will respond within 1 HOUR (during working hours)
  • We still include FREE POSTAGE on price matched items
  • We still include COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS on price matched items (where applicable)


Our Product Code (quicklinx code)
The price you have seen the item for
The website you have seen it on (Direct link)
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* Please note: We will only beat prices for UK based sites. Please take into account import duties and postage when purchasing from abroad. We will only beat Official stockists. We also do not beat prices seen on EBay listings or second hand goods. We also will not beat clearance items, however we will do our best.

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